About Us

Huna Mbudzi Tshena Trading and Projects is a dynamic company that has timelessly studied the art of good quality service deliverance. We owe our good service rendering to our refined simplicity of getting the job done. Each project on hand is handled by experts within their respective fields, so that we leave our clients with an everlasting impression. We quickly, yet smartly provide logistics, creative thinking and environmental services to both public and private enterprises.

Huna Mbudzi Tshena has in-house technical expertise in various fields. Our experts were intensively groomed by some of the biggest establishments in the country including SABC, Love Life, University of Limpopo, Uthot Production Enterprise, Rand Water and MSM Debt Counselling. All these establishments have equipped our experts with cutting edge knowledge that brings flair of brilliance in our services and products provision.

1. Our Vision

To sustainably provide good quality services, and being a company of choice to many.

2. Mission

To distinctively deliver solutions to the challenges pertaining to logistics, creative thinking and environmental. To increase our horizon of satisfied clientele by each end financial year.

3. Our values

  • Safety
  • We hold our employees, clients and their respective products’ safety in our highest of esteem

  • Patience
  • We strive to invest all the required patience in our services and products, all for the satisfaction of our clients

  • Cleanliness
  • We have the environment we work on at heart, and as such will ensure that we adhere to all necessary steps to make our world a better place to live in.

  • Composure
  • In all days of providing our services and products we approach each project in a composed state of mind to uphold the highest level of professionalism.

  • Leadership
  • Hierarchy in our establishment only exists for corporate business purposes only, because each employee is trusted to possess leadership traits. In this sense our services and products will be provided with confidence, commitment and passion.

  • Creativity
  • Innovation infused with creativity is entrenched in our moral fiber.